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新闻来源: Sarah 于 2020-02-13 1:10:16  




据了解,计划新建的清真寺位于卡尔顿区(Carlton),将征用Botany Street 90-92以及旧的养老院。“南区居民”指出,新址与Hurstville精英中学Sydney Technical High School毗邻而建,距离Hurstville Public School仅400米。



乔治河联合会会长王斌向居民分享了过去与不合理开发项目的抗争经验,呼吁居住在Hurstville 附近的居民挺身而出, 为今天和以后的安宁发声。





清真寺申请新址:88-92 Botany Street Carlton NSW 2218







请愿主要围绕交通安全隐患和噪音干扰提出抗议,指出Botany Street 90-92以及旧的养老院将会被清真寺占用,届时每天早上5:30至晚上10点,将会涌入数百人,安静的街道不复存在。









“南区居民”指出,早在2015年底 South Hurstville清真寺的申请,在悉尼引起了轩然大波。当时,数以千计的居民,或向市政陈情不满,或寻求法律咨询,或游说各级议员,或投稿报刊,以各种形式表达了对这个申请的强烈反对。

经过一年多的努力,该清真寺的申请于 2016 年 11 月正式被土地和环境法庭(NSW Land and Environment Court)驳回, 且终止了上诉渠道。


乔治河联合会在“南区居民”呼吁每一个居住在Hurstville 附近的居民,都能挺身而出,保护家园。“今天提交反对意见书, 就是为了预防以后可能出现在您家门口的清真寺,向市议会发出我们居民的预警信号。”


Dear George River council officer and councillors:

My name is:xxxxxxxx, I live inxxxxxxxxxStreet, Carlton. As a George River Council rate payer and resident, I am a very worried and extremely concerned resident directly affected by the proposed DA2019/0644. A Mosque on 88-92Botany Street ISN'T an appropriate site for such a HIGH impact development for a local suburban residential area.

1. It is not in the Public interest. According to Environmental Planning Laws, the public building is required to serve in the Public Interest of the local residents. According to the latest ABS consensus in 2016, only around 3-7% of population are Muslims who live around the Carlton and Hurstville area. This construction of a Mosque obviously does not meet the majority residents’ needs in the area. There is NO BENEFIT to our local or wider community for such a Mosque, not to mention the proximity to other local and near mosques in Wolli Creek, Rockdale, Arncliffe, Tempe, Penshurst, Kingsgrove and Roselands.

2. The operating hours of this Mosque are unacceptably long. The Mosque proposes 7 days prayers 365 days from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. No other establishment in the local vicinity is allowed to operate within such hours.

3. Traffic and noise impacts during Friday Evening and Ramadan celebrations are unpredictable. Majority of the visitors to the Mosque will be from out of area. According to the existing Research Studies , it is more likely the attendance during the Ramadan will exceed the capacity of the proposed development. The local residents will suffer the safety risk of insufficient and illegal parking as well as the noise made by a whole group of worshippers who could not get into the Mosque.

4. Internal noise levels will be intolerable to nearby residents. The long operating hours must come with long hours of noise that results from cars constantly driving in and out and the gathering of worshippers before, during and after the prayers. In summer season, a lot of the nearby residents leave their doors and windows open, the noise mentioned above would impact the residents even more. Children will not be able to concentrate on homework or study. Families will see a big impact to their daily routine which might cause health issues such as insomnia and depression.

5. Transportation traffic Load. Botany Street is adjoined by Ethel Lane on the west, a narrow 2 way street with the width of only 4.1 – 4.9 meters, for which concerns have already been raised by residents to the council since 2014. We have witnessed many occasions of accidents at the intersection of Ethel Lane and Botany Street, at least once per year. For students walking back home through this narrow street after school, the pedestrian areas are just not wide enough to walk safely. Xenia avenue, the back road of the venue, has its own challenge already with particular hazards when crossing the 2 way narrow road with limited pedestrian area. Botany street has been the thoroughfares for both vehicles and pedestrians used by students, local residents and residents from adjoining communities. The traffic and parking on the roads are already at its maximum capacity. The traffic and parking demand from the mosque as such a large public place of worship would aggravate the traffic load.

6. Safety to local residents and students of the nearby 4 schools. Botany street is at the heart of four local schools,Sydney Technical High School,Bethany College,St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary School and Hurstville Public school. A hefty amount of parents send and pickup their children through this place. We’ve seen 2 tragedies of children died from road accidents in the past 5 years from this local community. With the exponential traffic burden introduced by the mosque, we can only expect more. The physiologicalsuffering from seeing these cases by many cannot fade, and the communities are distressed that their own children and family are exposed to higher risks.

7. The DA has made vague statements and assumptions about impact to local communities. Such assumptions are not supported by facts, and thurs are questionable and unreliable.

As a local resident, I would like to urge you to take our opinions into consideration and reject this proposal.

Please feel free to contact me via this email if more or further information is requested.

Best Regards,



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