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Top12 Royal Experiences

With just ayear left until the London 2012 Olympic and aralympicGames in London, VisitBritain,the national ourism agency for London, England, Scotland and Wales elcomesvisitors to explore Britain’s rich royal eritage.  To make planning easier, isitBritain haspulled together the top 12 places to visit in Britain for a royal experience.


1.)Buckingham Palace,London.BuckinghamPalace is not only a London landmark but the official London residence of theBritish monarch. The palace has 19 state rooms that are open for public viewingeach summer, from late July to early October, with complimentary audio tours.The Changing of the Guard takes place every other day, and daily in the spring,in front of the palace. This free ceremony is admired for its importance to themonarch.(www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalResidences/BuckinghamPalace/BuckinghamPalace.aspx)  

1)白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace),伦敦

白金汉宫不仅是伦敦的地标,也是英国君主在伦敦的正式府邸。每到夏季7月底到10月初,白金汉宫会有19个国事厅对公众开放,还有自动讲解器提供给游客。卫兵换岗仪式(Changing of the Guard)在白金汉宫前院举行(夏季每日举行,一年中的其他时间为每隔一天举行),这个仪式可免费观看,因其对英国君王的重要性而备受关注。




2.)     Windsor Castle,Windsor, England.Just a quick train ride from London, Windsor Castle is oneof the Queen’s official residences and where she spends most weekends. Openyear-round, an adult ticket costs ?17.75, which gives visitors access to thestate apartments, St. George’s Chapel, Queen Mary’s dolls’ house, and specialexhibitions. Windsor Castle is also the largest and oldest occupied castle inthe world. (www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalResidences/WindsorCastle/WindsorCastle.aspx)

2)    温莎城堡(Windsor Castle),温莎,英格兰。从伦敦乘火车可以到达温莎城堡,它是全世界规模最大、至今仍有人居住的最古老城堡,也是英女王的正式府邸之一,女王大部分周末都在此度过。城堡全年开放,成人门票17.75英镑,游客凭票可进入国家套房(state apartments)、圣乔治教堂(St. George’s Chapel)、玛丽皇后玩偶屋(Queen Mary’s Dolls’House),以及参观特别的展览。温莎城堡也是世界上有人居住的最大且最古老的城堡。


3.)     Isle of Anglesey,Wales.Now the placethat Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, call home,the Isle of Anglesey is known for its natural beauty.  Visitors to the Isle of Anglesey can enjoy avisit to one of its many beaches or stroll along one of the coastal footpathsfor a wonderful view of the Welsh coastline. For a tasty lunch, travelers can track down The Flaming Grill, a food truckthat Prince William frequented during his training at the Royal Air ForceAcademy. Prince William was so impressed by that he gave it a royal seal ofapproval.(www.visitanglesey.co.uk)


在自然美景闻名遐迩的安格尔西岛上,年轻的剑桥公爵夫妇-威廉王子和凯瑟琳在此安家落户。游客可以在岛上的海滩上尽情享受美景,也可徜徉于安静的海岸小径,欣赏威尔士海岸的别样美景。如果要品味美食,游客可以到一辆名为“火焰烧烤店”(The Flaming Grill)的快餐车大快朵颐,因为连威廉王子都难以抗拒它的美味。在王子驻训皇家空军学院时(Royal Air Force Academy),他可是那里的老主顾,并且为此美味特意颁发了一枚皇家特许印章。(www.visitanglesey.co.uk)

 4.)     The Royal Yacht Britannia,Edinburgh, Scotland.The RoyalYacht Britannia is a wonderful attraction to visit straight out of a royalfairy tale — this is where the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana honeymooned in1981. During the 44 years that this ship served its country, The Royal Yacht Britanniacarried the Royal Family on 968 official voyages all over the world. Now theship is permanently docked in Edinburgh, where visitors can tour five of theship’s decks. An adult ticket costs ?10.50 and includes an audio tour. (www.royalyachtbritannia.co.uk)

4)皇家游艇“大不列颠号”(The Royal Yacht Britannia),爱丁堡,苏格兰。一次完美的旅程向您讲述着一段童话般的皇家爱情故事——这里正是威尔士亲王和黛安娜王妃1981年蜜月旅行的地方。在皇家游艇“大不列颠号”为国服役的44年里,它运载着皇室家族完成了到全世界各地的968次旅程。如今这艘游艇永远地停驻在爱丁堡的船坞里,等待着游客们亲临船上的5个甲板游览。成人门票10.50英镑(含自动讲解器)。(www.royalyachtbritannia.co.uk)

5.)     Tower of London,London

Visitors wishing tosee the Crown Jewels can do so at the Tower of London, where the 23,578 gemsthat make up the Crown Jewels, including the glistening Imperial State Crown,are housed.  The tower is steeped inhistory, having been used as a royal residence, military fortress and prison.Today, visitors enjoy touring the grounds and seeing The White Tower, MedievalPalace, prisoners exhibition and more as well as keeping an eye out for theghost of Queen Anne Boleyn, who is buried in the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.


5)伦敦塔(Tower of London),伦敦

希望一睹王冠风采的游客可以到伦敦塔一饱眼福,这里收藏着的所有王冠上共有23,578颗宝石,包括璀璨炫目的帝国王冠(ImperialState Crown)。伦敦塔历史悠久,它一度曾是皇家府邸,但后来又用作军事堡垒和监狱。如今,游客可以游遍整座古塔,观赏白塔(The White Tower)、中世纪宫殿(MedievalPalace)、狱囚展览等,同时还有机会亲眼目睹埋葬在圣彼得皇家礼拜堂(Chapel Royal of St Peterad Vincula)内的安妮·博林(Anne Boleyn)王后的魂灵。


6.)Balmoral Estate,Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

One of theQueen’s favorite summertime retreats is Balmoral Estate, set amongst the magnificentscenery of Royal Deeside.  Here, visitorsmight spot the Queen – since travelers can take up residence by renting alovely cottage on the estate. The grounds, gardens and exhibitions are open tothe public from April 1 to July 30.(www.balmoralcastle.com)

6)巴尔莫拉庄园(BalmoralEstate),阿伯丁郡(Aberdeenshire),苏格兰。位于阿伯丁郡、坐落于风景如画的皇家迪赛河谷(Royal Deeside)的巴尔莫拉庄园是最受女王喜爱的避暑胜地。在这里,游客或许可以看到女王的身影—因为游客可以在庄园内租一栋漂亮的小别墅。4月1日-7月30日庄园府邸、花园和展览对外开放。(www.balmoralcastle.com)


7.)     Westminster Abbey,London

A royal trip toBritain would not be complete without visiting the historic Westminster Abbeywhich has served as the venue for coronations since 1066 and also held thewedding of Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in April,2011.  Visitors to Westminster Abbey cansee the graves of 17 monarchs, as well as memorials to many notable figures inBritish history.  In addition, theCoronation Chair is part of the Abbey’s museum, along with pieces of art,stained glass, textiles and more.  TheAbbey is open to the public six days a week and an adult ticket costs ?15.00.


7)威斯敏斯特大教堂(Westminster Abbey),伦敦

英国皇室探秘之旅如果缺少了历史悠久的威斯敏斯特大教堂,那绝对不算完整,因为这里自公元1066年开始就成为历届英王加冕之地。备受瞩目的剑桥公爵及公爵夫人威廉王子和凯瑟琳女士的皇室婚礼正是于2011年4月在此举行的。这里有17座英国君主的坟墓以及众多大英历史上知名人物的纪念碑。此外,在教堂的博物馆内还摆放着各类艺术品供游客观赏,包括加冕宝座(Coronation Chair)以及各种艺术品、玻璃制品和精美纺织品等。大教堂每周有六天面向公众开放,成人门票15英镑。



8.)     Highgrove House,Cotswolds, England

A visit to HighgroveHouse, the family home of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall,should not be missed while in England. The garden is open for tours from Aprilto October and the cost is ?16.50.  Visitorscan pop into one of the many Highgrove shops and browse a variety of home andgarden products that reflect the personal interests of the Prince ofWales.  All profits from the sales of theshop go to The Prince’s Charities Foundation.(www.highgrovegardens.com)  

8)海格洛夫庄园(Highgrove House),科茨沃兹(Cotswolds),英格兰。在英格兰游玩,一定不能错过威尔士王子和康沃尔公爵夫人的宅邸——海格洛夫庄园。花园4月至10月开放,票价16.50英镑。游客可以进入海格洛夫众多商铺中的任一家,看一看琳琅满目的家居和花园产品,这些物件都反映出威尔士王子的个人喜好。所有商店的销售利润都会进入王子的慈善基金。



9.)The Palace ofHolyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland.The Palace ofHolyroodhouse is the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. Situated at theend of the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh, the palace has many connections withScotland's turbulent past, including Mary, Queen of Scots, who lived there inthe 16th century.  Tickets to the Queen’s Gallery are only?5.50 and guests gain access to premier art pieces.  The exhibitions are constantly changing,bringing a variety of western art to Edinburgh. (www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalResidences/ThePalaceofHolyroodhouse/ThePalaceofHolyroodhouse.aspx)

9)荷里路德宫(The Palace ofHolyroodhouse),爱丁堡,苏格兰。欢迎您前来参观女王位于苏格兰的正式府邸——荷里路德宫。它坐落于爱丁堡皇家哩路(RoyalMile)尽头,与苏格兰的动荡年代有着不可割舍的联系,比如苏格兰女王玛丽在16世纪就曾居住于此。仅需5.50英镑便可参观“女王画廊”(Queen’s Gallery),欣赏到顶尖艺术珍品。许多西方艺术瑰宝在这里展出,展品是不断变化。(www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalResidences/ThePalaceofHolyroodhouse/ThePalaceofHolyroodhouse.aspx)


10.) Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, England

Sandringham Estate inthe northern town of Norfolk is one of the Queen’s most beloved retreats.  It has been the private home of fourgenerations of British monarchs since 1862, and the Queen visit’s the estateevery year on the anniversary of her father’s death. Today, travelers arewelcome to Sandringham House and can walk through the beautiful gardens duringthe summer. 


10)桑德林汉姆庄园(Sandringham Estate),诺福克郡(Norfolk),英格兰




11.) Beaumaris Castle, Isle of Anglesey, Wales.Beaumaris Castle, the last and largestof King Edward I’s Welsh fortifications, is designated a UNESCO World HeritageSite. Although construction was never completed, it is regarded as Wales’finest castle.


11)波马利斯城堡(Beaumaris Castle),安格尔西岛,威尔士.波马利斯城堡坐落在安格尔西岛上,是国王爱德华一世最后一座、也是规模最大的一座威尔士堡垒,这里已经被联合国教科文组织指定为世界遗产地。虽然这里的工事未曾完工,但它却并被视为威尔士最精致的城堡。



12.) Kensington Palace, London.A royal residence incentral London, Kensington Palace is the official London residence of the Dukeand Duchess of Cambridge.  It was alsothe official residence of the Duke’s mother, Princess Diana. Today visitors cansee the palace’s magnificent state apartments, Queen Victoria’s bedroom, theKing’s Gallery and more.  Guests can alsodrink tea at The Orangery Restaurant next door, who has some of the finestselections of tea in London.(www.hrp.org.uk/KensingtonPalace)

12)肯辛顿宫(Kensington Palace),伦敦.肯辛顿宫是一座坐落于伦敦中心的皇家府邸,如今是剑桥公爵夫妇在伦敦的正式府宅。这里也是公爵的母亲——黛安娜王妃的官邸。游客还可以参观这里华丽的国事厅、维多利亚女王的卧室、国王画廊(King’s Gallery)等等。游客还可以在肯辛顿宫隔壁的桔园餐厅(TheOrangery Restaurant)品茶,这里供应的茶品在伦敦都是一流的。(www.hrp.org.uk/KensingtonPalace)



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